Saturday, September 24, 2011

honest to betsy

I can type with my left pinky... on its side. My right hand will just have to be over used for a few day. This is some kind of stuid.

... yeah, I saw the typo, but cut me some slack, I am not working with a full deck...

Right, the pinky.

Last night, Husband was cooking hamburgers on the grilling pan due to the rain. To keep them warm, he pulled them off our glass top stove and into the oven. He placed my GF bun in the same oven and asked where his was.

They are ight behind you.


Here, I'll get it.

I walk around the corner, stick my leg out to stop LMC from running around the bend and smack into the hot open oven. Leaning over the door, my left hand is extended onto the stove for blance to reach over aforementioned hot oven to grab the buns






ON the hot eye, my hand held the weight of me. My leg in the air and body over the hot oven prevented me from removing it just shy of instntly.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

My fingers stayed in glass of ice water for the rest of the night.


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