Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catholic, not Gypsy

Husband and I were born 12 days apart. We both have brown hair and, while I claim 5’4, he claims 5’8- but we are really more like 5’3 and 5’6. When I buy him sunglasses, I put them on my face first to see if they will fit him. We share socks and t-shirts. Long story short, we look alike. Especially now that my hair is pulling out some curls.
It is really nothing that crosses our mind- it is, simply, what it is. There have been some oddities though, especially now that we have a very tow-headed baby. Going to the hospital for an induction, Husband was not with me initially as he had call an hour away.  My mom was with me. When Husband showed up the next day, the comments started...
“What a close family you have, Mrs. Cagle. To have your brother here with you while your mom is in the waiting room...”
“Are y’all brother & sister?”
Catholic. Neither gypsy nor royalty. This blood line ain’t blue.
-Wish I was exaggerating-
“Dr. Cagle, you and your sister look just alike. It’s uncanny.”
I’m sorry? This is my wife.... giving birth.
God Bless people. 

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