Friday, August 19, 2011

Two Things.

I am thankful for two things: (1) that Husband is not home right now. If he were, he would be doing the infamous "Told Ya So" dance. (The second being that he does not read my blog)

The prompting of the Big Girl Bed was 100% all mine. I plotted, planned, and negotiated with Husband until he finally relented, with one caveat: the bed stays on the lowest rung. No problem!

But, the bed skirt was too low. The bed did not look "just right." The rails were too high and the aesthetics of it all would be a whole heck of a lot better if it were moved up just one short inch. Okay, two. Those two inches would make all the difference. He had the very best argument that a Pediatric Father could have.... what if she falls off the bed?

"She's a big girl! She won't fall off!" (Seriously? I remember falling out of the bed. And, no, you goobers- it was NOT in college. I was a kid. At least she has a carpet, we had hardwoods and I had a very tall bed- way taller than her four inches. Digress...) My chest arrogantly bowed out as I proudly stated this.

((oh, you senior mothers know where this is going...))

He raised the bed. I bought bedding. And fluffy little girl pillows. And arranged the UNmonogrammed pillows as some people might think that I can go overboard with the monograms. Stuffed animals placed... the picture of toddler perfection.

All this leads me to today & why I am thankful that Husband is not here & that he does not read my blog.

45 minutes into her nap, 38 minutes into me feverishly working on two renewals, there came an ear splitting scream behind her double doors. To go in or not... Choosing to ere on the side of safety, she was not in her bed. She was, however, on the floor next to her bed laying where the pillows should have been- where Husband reminds me to put them- where, for the first time, I forgot.


"Hurt Cheek." Fell out bed. Fell out bed, ma-mee? Ouchie. Cheek.

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