Saturday, August 27, 2011

traditions that bind

Aunt Mae had her mother buy it. The woman was 84 years old and Mae insisted that her mother meet with the antique of a stranger and see what she had.
Aunt Mae’s daughter, Patsy, was getting married.
She was the first.
Patsy wore it.
All three beautiful O’Connor girls wore it. Carol when she became a Franklin, Dot when she became a Stearns, and Ann when she became a Haltom.
Three of the four Brennan girls. Mama, Rosie, and Helen. 
Helen & Barbra wore it. They were both Haltoms. 
Trellise & Pat cannot remember if she wore it, but I think she did.
Tina & Terry Hunt both wore it when they married.
Marti wore it.
Susie wore it when she married Helen’s only child.
Helen Wheeler wore it as she became a Cole. She also wore “the dress” -- but that’s another story.
Jane wore it at Sacred Heart Cathedral when she married Griggs.
Erin wore it, Patsy’s granddaughter. 
One of my cousins wore it before we lost it amongst the 185 family members. 
The other day, I found it. After seeing this cross pop up on so many wedding pictures, I tracked it down. Patsy had it. After Mae’s mother died, Mae had it. When Mae died, Patsy kept it safe. We are in the middle of a family reunion and Patsy promised me she would bring the Brennan Family Cross.
And she did.
After the blessing of our lunch, I made an announcement that Patsy brought the cross and Brittany was wearing it. 
“It’s been on at least 6 brides that I know of,” was the conclusion to my statement. Then, someone said, “I wore it.”
A hand was raised, and then another... and another.... and another.... all these women of this family raised their hands and said, “I wore it.”
Mae’s oldest son, openly wept and Patsy’s hand went to her heart. Another of her sons said, “Oh, Mother is looking down on us right now and smiling seeing what a great thing she has done.”


Family Snodgrass said...

That's so cool. I love family traditions.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! What a treasure. --nb