Friday, August 19, 2011

It's a good thing she is short

If An-ew tried hard enough, I bet those kisses he showers LMC with could cure all sorts of incurable things. After the falling out of bed episode, surely... SURELY nothing like that could happen at the museum the next day. For Pete's sake, it is an area designed for small children. There is padding on the walls, no steps, and lots of carpet.

After lunch, where LMC traded her french fries for An-Ew's water we relocated back to the play area. Hopping around playing with magnets and prisms, a little girl came up to us and asked, "May I please borrow a rhombus?"

A what?


Oh, yeah, sure- we've been calling it a diamond. MAN- these city kids are S-M-R-T.

An-Ew shows LMC how to drop the ball down the hole to the maze. LMC shows An-Ew how to scream at the top of her lungs. An-Ew shows LMC how to throw out the trash. LMC shows An-Ew how to escape Ma-Mee. An-Ew shows LMC that he is the elder of the two, "EYE-YEEN! KAY-GULL! STOP! EYE-YEEN! KAY-GULL! STOP!" in that perfect big brother mimicking a mom voice. 

Then, LMC spotted a boat. We made our way to it- An-Ew was off building a tower on a balancing table. She steps in the boat. I step in the boat. 

Boat? Da-Dee boat?

No, honey- this is not Daddy's boat. See this, though? That's fiberglass. He's building a boat like this-- with fiberglass. Can you say fiberglass? 


Good enough. Yep, he takes strips of fiberglass and coats them with epoxy on the shell he built back in Augusta... (fade out: why I feel compelled to tell our two year old how Husband is building the GD boat is beyond me. But she sits interested in what I have to say, so I proceed to tell her about the epoxy, marine grade this, and where he will get the wiring from. We are, BTW... sitting in a canoe. A very far cry from Husband's power boat. fade in:) and then we will christen it the S.S. Lucy!


She starts swinging her feet, and I pull out my iPhone to snap a picture for Husband... when she fell 


She was sitting on a rail (I should have registered that) and when she started swinging her legs, her balance went this way and she went to the one place that lacked carpet but certainly had a hard ass bottom. She wound up, the parents looked at the poor child, she let loose and could not be quelled....


Hey, An-Ew... LMC bonked her head.
Oh no! 
Yeah, I know. She's asking for a kiss from you, do you think you could kiss her... right... here....

A sweet kiss. Her hand to her face and through her tears, she said, "Dank Ew."

Home for a nap, LMC was awakened by Da-Dee:

H- Good morning little lady.
B- Head bonk.
H- What?
B- Head bonk in boat. An-Ew kiss.
H- Did you bonk your head?
B- [A nod]
B- Head bonk in boat. Ouchie.
H- Does it still hurt?
B- [A nod]
H- What were you doing when you bonked your head?
B- playing with An-Ew. An-Ew kiss bonk head.
H- Did the kiss make you feel better?
B- [a nod]
B- fun an-ew play.
H- Really?
B- An-Ew kiss bonk head. better.
H- Well, that's good you have a friend like an-ew to kiss your bonk head.
B- yeahhhhhh

Let's hope for fewer Bonk Heads in the coming days!

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