Sunday, August 21, 2011

And the Rain Came

To say we are close is not accurate. We are tied to each other in a propitiously wonderful and sibling-ly sort of way.
Every once in a while, there is a jingle on the phone- usually with Brother doing the dialing- and within 10 minutes I am out the door, in the car, and we are on our way. 
My most favorite was between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. Brother called Sister in Augusta. Within fifteen minutes, a plan was hatched, a bag was packed, and my little Miata was zooming up I-20 to pick him up on our way to the lake to see our aunt and cousins. The music was as loud as it could get, the top was down, and we could not get up the Blue Ridge mountains fast enough. He would say the most obvious of statements that were, somehow, beyond funny.
“No windows.”
Nope. No windows.
“No roof.”
Nope. No roof.
“No backseat.”
Nope. No backseat.
“Hit me with some Allman Bros.” 
You got it.
“Drop the hammer.”
You got it.
Another trip led us from the fair Athens to Augusta for Christmas break. We played the alphabet game. It was ruthless. Brad was driving as he thinks that I am one step above a 13 year old behind the wheel (with present experiences, he’s right) and I was the hawk-eye. We were neck-and-neck finding words. He had Athens before I could get Atlanta, two different Bulldogs led him to Clarke and me to County. After his Pickens caught up to my Place... we were stuck. 
Where was a damn “Q”? Twenty minutes passed, the rain started up, and the sun was setting. Nothing. No “Q” was in sight.... to this day, I have no memory what other words were on the carved wooden parks sign- but, by God, QUIET was on there. We both scream at the same time, “QUIET!” “QUIET!” “I SAW IT FIRST!” “JINX!” You’d think we were 6 years old, sitting in the backseat instead of traveling down I-20 home from college. A fit of giggles and I have no idea who won.
We have always piled in the car, cranked the music, and dropped the hammer with hardly a plan developed.
Yesterday, a plan was hatched. An adventure to surprise the parents for a birthday developed. Brother picked up Sister from the airport with a brother and sister in the back seat. Sister put niece next to the little brother and sister, piled in the front seat and hooked up the iPod. Same music 10 years later. Same rain. Same I-20. New seating arrangements. New backseat.

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