Friday, July 1, 2011

What I will stand up and scream for.

Not too long ago, Husband & I were having a discussion (not a fight, though that is what we call them when we are discussing past discussions) about what we would stand up and shout from the rooftops- what we believe in- what is that one thing that we are so passionate about that people know it.

My friend, Alice, she's a card-carrying, certified conservative Republican. She'd vote for Reagan tomorrow... if she could. She believes in breastfeeding and Enfamil when breastfeeding is not an option. She knows that what you put into your baby is not just feeding them until the next meal, but rather, building a brain & building a future asset to society. Spend about 45 seconds with Alice, and you know, you just know, these things about her.

Pepco is our electrical company up in the marble jungle.

And, there you sit... thinking, okay, what does Pepco & your friend Alice have to do with each other?

Well, let me tell you.

Never have I been someone that would stand on the rooftops and scream what I believe. While a Catholic, I'm a pretty big fan of the death penalty. While conservative, pretty much support a woman's choice. While a Republican, would rather be a Libertarian. While not an environmentalist or "green," I keep the lights off in the house during the day and get annoyed with that dashing husband of mine when he leaves the refrigerator door open while pouring something to drink (or cooking something in the microwave or just walking away from it... deep breath.) or leaves the water running for more than four seconds. While cheap-beyond-belief, I spend money on good paper and eBay.

Like I said, not a screamer-from-the-roof. Until now.

I filed a $600 claim with Pepco (the aforementioned electrical company) from our power outage due to a loss of food. A loss of a place to sleep. A loss, a loss, an MF-ing loss. Six. Hundred. Dollars. Three days misplaced from our little abode. Three days trudging up seven flights and down seven flights of stairs. Documentation. Pictures. Forms. Food tossed. Pictures. Receipts. Almost $2 in stamps to mail every damn thing.


Why? Why on earth would they reject such documentation, such organization, such a way to spend four hours of my time?

Ready for this... ready for this.... I just do not think you are ready for this...
Based on the tariffs that we at Pepco have established with the government of the District of Columbia, Pepco is not required to provide continual electrical service to its residents.
Excuse me? I'm sorry... you are an electrical company, right?

Allow me to scream from the rooftops.

The cable companies get it. Hell, even AT&T for all their lack of coverage gets it. My health insurance clients dang-sure get it and are some kind of ticked off when there is a problem. My apartment building even gets it. But, come on, seriously? You are not required to provide continual service? I wish the same could happen on the opposite end, when I have to pay my (you're going to love this) $283 bill for 27 days of service. (Should have been 30, but there was that pesky outage)

Upon calling to inquire why my 1056 square foot apartment was costing so much money, and mentioning that we had a three day power outage, the *$^@% lady on the other end of the line said -- I kid you not--
"M'am, we were not charging you for service when the power was out."

Rant's over.

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