Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sophie's Choice

I feel a little bad entitling this "Sophie's Choice" as the only thing I know about this movie is someone has to make a big choice & it is set in the Holocaust. While probably based on a true story, like Schlinder's List,  and Independence Day (with Will Smith)- I just do not enjoy sad movies. Give me Caddyshack or Animal House any day of the week.

LMC popped up from her nap a few minutes ago after a busy morning at the pool (which we had to evacuate due to a child, um, well- let's just say the pool closed for the rest of the day. No Caddyshack scenes here, some poor kid yakked. Ew.), we abandoned the hottest day of the year to fingerpainting in the bathtub with An-Ew, lunch, then Oobleck on the counter. Mess after awesome mess. Kisses to An-Ew, John Jetcher, we are off for nap.

Upon awaking, I would have no idea that we would be set in a black and white concentration camp when it came to what the choice Sophie would make for her snack.

Catholic v. Jewish?

Oh, no.

Goldfish v. pop tart

Fishie? Fishie? Fishie? (no fishie, honey)
Running to the pantry, "UP! UP!" (nothing from Mom)
UP, Peas?" (mom lifts her up.)
Ohh.... Cookie... peas?" (Not wanting her to have a two pop tarts two  hours before supper, I open the other pantry door.... foolish, I know.)

"Honey, do you want a cookie.... or.... (dumb dumb dumb dumb) do you want FISHIES?!

Ohhhhh, fishies! fishies! fishies!

We load up in the chair and pour out the fishies....

Ohhhhh.... fishies! Cookie?

Try reasoning with a screaming two year old and explaining with flash cards, props, and charts about having either the pop tart OR the fishies, but not both.

No. Dice.

More screams. More calls for cookies. She was smart enough to not throw the fishies, but still more calls for cookies while clutching the fishies in her white knuckled grasp.

Sigh, how did Sophie ever decide?


Betty Sullivan Cox said...

Hi I am Elizabeth's aunt, my suggestion is that you never, never, ever watch Sophie's Choice. I watched it probably 20 or more years ago and it still haunts me to this day. On the other issue when I could not reason with my child I made deals, you eat something healthy you can have something not so healthy. That way if they did not eat their dinner later it was OK we had the needed nutrition already. Love your blog and am so happy you and Elizabeth have each other!

Rebecca said...

I would love to spend a day in your house as a fly on the wall just watching the 2 of you interact! Hysterical! And you are so right. Independence Day is my favorite none fiction movie ever.