Sunday, July 31, 2011

So, I admit it...

As if you were surprised... I'm a nerd. A total, absolute, can't get over it... NERD. How? Other than the knitting, bad sewing, cooking, silver hobby, AND internet savviness? I've kinda gotten a little hooked on genealogy. Yeah, I know, if you didn't know I was 30 with gray hair, you'd think I was 70 with excellent skin.

So, I have two things that are fascinating me at the moment, okay, maybe not fascinating me... but two things that, well, here:

(1) My Great Grand Aunt (you like that, don't you), Lena Snedecor, lost her mother (March), her sister (July), and her husband (November) in 1918-- talk about a dismal 365 days. Merry Christmas?
... side note: I thesaursed DISMAL to see if there was a word that fit better... "flea bitten" was one of my choices. I'm stickin' with dismal. If I find any other deaths in 1918, I'll be sure to let you know.

(2) My Great Grandfather married his first wife, Inez, and then promptly left for a three month "wedding trip." (Those were the days!) Two months later, his new father-in-law married his sister. What does that make her to Inez- sis? mom? Can you imagine writing that very confusing "thank you for being my maid of honor" and "congrats on marrying Pops" letter upon her return. Would you use engraved stationery for that or just settle for the old embossed monogram? Oh, Emily Post... decisions... The headline (not kidding) of the NY Times said... wait, this is much better:

In the words of my father, YOU JUST CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP! Love....

PS- they would wind up having babies and grandbabies and living happily ever after. Sadly, the Doc would be "stricken" with a stroke in November a number of years later while at a college football game. More on that later.


Lisa said...

Great post! Regarding your great aunt: seeing as the flu pandemic ran from Jun 1918 - December 1920, it is perhaps more surprising that she did not lose more relatives during that span.

The Cagles said...

Who's Lisa?! :) I have not found how her mother died, but her sister died in a car accident & her husband died of the flu. Poor guy died in Oregon-- and buried in her family's plot. Man, I hope he liked his inlaws!