Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Skinning the cat

Currently, LMC has no protection from me and my attitude of "she will eat more than yogurt." Husband was on call last night (shocker) and I am determined to get her outside of yogurt and crackers.

Yesterday, it was sweet potatoes cut into strips for lunch (one Cagle has the belief that she likes things cut into strips... the other Cagle thinks that he is crazy). 



No, LMC. You cannot have a cookie.

Peas? (batting her eyes...) (that would be PLEASE and not the nutritious green things)


Fit pitched- we're off to naptime a wee little early. Cries from the crib. Fingers in my ears. A feeble 1.5 hours later, she awakens. 

Hi..... are you ready to try lunch again? 

a nod.

Okay... let's load up.

Sweet taters on her tray, she says, "No, peas. Chick-chick?" I oblige at her politeness. At least she did not throw the taters. It's give and take, right?

Yo-yo, chick-chick, actual peas, and ice cream later, her "drunch" is complete. (Seriously, mom? Ice cream? Hey- don't judge, it's dairy.)

But, I was not giving up on the taters.

A few fits later (at my refusal for DORA for the day) & not wanting to go to bed, I could see my rope starting to unravel. It had been a long day as when Elmo or any of the other Sesame Street characters caused her to run behind the chair and scream for all she was worth. But, tomorrow is a new one.

Tomorrow-- today. I was not giving up on sweet taters. Without hesitation, I whip out the taters, toss 'em in the pan, get 'em hot. Crack an egg to combine and back in the pan. Sweet tater eggs can be formed into the shape of mickey mouse & served with syrup as "dip it" really aren't that bad. She has devoured the taters & asking for more.

No idea that she is eating two things she rejected yesterday- eggs AND taters.

It appears that I have tripled stamp that double stamp, Lloyd. At least for today... as always, tomorrow is a new one.

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