Monday, July 25, 2011


On Friday night we hosted 60 doctors and nurses as the PICU welcomed the incoming fellows, putting Husband on the second to lowest man on the totem pole. What was supposed to be a party on the roof for all these people (who do not have kids and are, for the most part, single... man, you can see where this is going!) turned into a frantic house scouring party as the anticipated temperature at 7 pm was going to be a ridiculous 102 degrees.
LMC needed a good nap. She had a crappy one.
I needed to do about 4 loads of laundry. I got 2 out of the way.
LMC needed to hang out in her room while I cleaned the main parts of the apartment. She wanted to follow me everywhere (except when I had the vacuum going).
You get the picture. But, this is not the point. The point is that she is constantly making discoveries. 
As people came and went throughout the evening, it got more and more crowded. Strangers in her space and not wanting anyone but me. Not that I am complaining, but there was only one place she wanted to be- in my arms. A pediatrician in the room introduced himself to our daughter and thought it would be **real cool** to show her the shadows on the ceiling from the lamp that sat beside us.
LMC shuttered backwards in fear and screamed at the ghastly incubus that had invaded her home with these strange people. She dove farther in my arms, put her face deep in that space between my shoulder & neck and cried. Cried those painful tears of absolute terror.

Thanks, doc.
All weekend long she has found new shadows, new to her two year old eyes, old to anyone else. With every shadow brings a new scream and quivers of terror. We showed her shadows, made a game out of it, and every time.... screams of terror. I pulled out a piece of white paper and a crayon to show traces of shadows, which brought less screams, more interest, and zero chance that we were going to be able to trace her shadow. I trace the sippy cup, Husband’s hand, a spoon, the “aero-plane,” and LMC’s toe. (not toes- toe. She ran off before I could finish)
Literally, she is afraid of her own shadow.

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jenn said...

Child free adults are ever so helpful in creating situations with our babies that we NEVER anticipated! And, that's probably a good thing - who would ever let their child meet a new person? Be assured that with some patience and safe mommy play, this fear will subside and be replaced by a new one soon enough.