Monday, July 25, 2011

Queen LMC

Shadows... part II... which is what this should be called. Today, we pulled out the construction paper & the lone popsicle stick I have.

Three circles make a "HOT DAWG!" (Mickey) We play shadow puppets with her most favorite and with every gleeful "Oh TOOOO-DOOOOOO-LESSSS!" She fear, for the moment, started to subside.

Never wasteful, the remnants that were used to create the mouse became moons... looking better as eyebrows, two triangles and a fourth circle for a nose... the outline of one circle cut in half became the mouth.... More interested in the shapes than the face it could make, we forego and cut squares, circles, triangles, an "E" ... next an "A" .... the number "1" (a fancy one, not just a rectangle). The smile became a "C" and the squares found their way to her head... then my head. Cutting them in half, we produced twice the amount of squares (whatever, they were rectangles-- but we aren't there yet), before she said "HAT?"

Do you want a crown? You've earned it.


What color?

Peeeenk! (shocker)

How about a red, it's a really dark pink.


Measuring her head and clipping out more squares- she is sitting at the counter next to me as I type decorating what will be her very first (of many) construction paper crowns.

Sidenote: The shadow fear must be on the way out the door as she is laying her head right next to her crown to draw her "ea-ah sa-dough" (ear shadow)

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