Friday, July 1, 2011

Not From Around Here

Husband, Wife, and LMC have been here a year, together, today. It is crazy to think about how fast that zipped by. While normal is something I firmly believe is a setting and not a state, there are times when I realize that there are some differences between Georgia and DC. Major differences. Allow me to share my knowledge...
* I am 30, married four years, and have a two year old. Husband is 30, married, and has the same two year old. That means we got married in our mid-twenties & had a baby before we turned 37. And the crazy thing... we want more than just the one.
*The other day at the gym, I was talking to a classmate and helping her set up due to her late arrival. She half friendly/half caddy said, “You’re not from around here, are you?”
“Nope, Georgia. What makes you say that?”
“You’re too friendly.”
“I will elect to take that as a compliment. Thank you.”
zing. btw, bitch, get your own weights when running late. 
* Quite the fan of monograms and embroidery. Monogrammed napkins, glasses, towels and waiting on sheets. “The Cagles” on our cooler, our picnic basket, and the like. Our stuff won’t get lost and we look preppy doing it. We... well, I. And LMC.
* Not too long ago, our “not from the south but still love her” babysitter had some friends over and we ran into them on the roof while we sipped our wine & chatted waiting on the grill. I, with my “The Cagles” picnic basket holding LMC’s toys, LMC running around (barefoot <--- another sign), madris shorts, and a southern accent thanks to the cooling effects of the day, were enjoying the setting sun and the wafting yumminess from the grill. The friend of our “NFTSBSLH” babysitter made a comment about The South:

“People from the south think that there is no place better. That’s the 
stupidest thing ever.”

Now, “NFTSBSLH” babysitter has a boyfriend... from the South- not just any south, he’s from Alabama. Mobile to be precise. We were three southerners with three northerners meeting at the Mason-Dixon. We three said, “WOAH- that’s cool and all. But the south is pretty fabulous.” (I said fabulous- the guys said something with the chests bowed and could not hear over the gorilla grunts) 
We polite southerners laughed it off and offered another round of drinks from our monogrammed cooler. “NFTSBSLH” babysitters friend, let’s call her Pink Hair, and I started talking. Oh, she’s called Pink Hair because she has... well... pink hair streaked through her beautiful blonde locks. We were chatting and laughing about something with NFTSBSLH babysitter and Pink Hair said, “My God, you are the preppiest yuppy I have ever met.”

I laughed and said, “Thank you. I love gracious compliments like that. Thank you for noticing.”
* Speaking of Eileen and monogramming, she wears monogrammed eyelet bloomers. Not for cuteness sake, but for practicality sake.... but if they happen to be cute, than so be it. If she didn’t, her diaper would be around her knees in no time. At the grocery store, this woman came up to me-- very friendly-- and we struck up a conversation. While thinking she was selling Amway, I started to be the one to bid farewell. Before my grand exit, she said, “You must be from the south. I’m from Mississippi.”
I stop. Wait. What? 

“Why yes, yes I am. Georgia. How’d you know?”
“The bloomers. You just cannot find kids wearing such clothes around here.”
“Thank you.”
Like I said, I’m not from around here.


Jessica said...

Try having 3 children by 29! My "northern" friends are flummoxed.

Anonymous said...

Southerners ARE polite. Too polite to say something like "that's the stupidest thing ever!" about another person's home. Obviously, their mamas didn't raise 'em right. --nb