Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Do It.

I am starting a revolution. Not crustless sandwiches, but rather the MONSTERS! Eileen and I spend almost every day at the pool for a spell of time. Sometimes even twice a day. Every time, we have two rules.
  1. Walk on the khaki, run on the gray. (Khaki being the cement right by the pool, gray being the planks on the roof outside the danger of slipping and falling range)
  2. The monster has to be worn on the khaki and in the pool. No exceptions. 
At the pool, we see several moms and several babies and we always get the same question...
What is that thing she is swimming in called?
Her monster? Oh, you mean the greatest thing ever? It’s called a “Puddle Jumper” by Stearns. 
The smallest size holds 30-50 pounds of baby and it is Coast Guard Approved. They can swim, have an excellent range of motion, and you don’t have to worry about the “boards” on the front AND back being a danger. There are no straps between the legs and if they fall in- either front ways or back ways, it keeps their head up. Their arms won’t tire like they do in the “muscles” and it only takes one click of the buckle on their back and she is ready to roll. 
Do it. Don’t hem and haw and watch how easily LMC & An-Ew hop in and out of the water, hold their heads up so well, and can kik-kik-an-ew like they were born in the water. Water birth or C-Secion? Hmmm...  Give me drugs and pick up that scalpel. I am not earthy, granola, or otherwise crazy. Besides, birthing babies is a messy business. Swimming does not have to be. 

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