Friday, July 15, 2011

I don't know how she does it.

She has two of 'em. Boys, too. Which I have discovered are a little more of a handful than my little girl. Don't get me wrong- LMC is no angel, but she lacks that extra gear An-Ew has.

On the flip side, An-Ew has an extra six months on him, so I can "reason" with him (to some extent), while LMC looks at me like "Mom- that's cool you're talking, but, really? This is MINE... and another thing, those carrots you are going to pass off for chips later on, you can just go ahead and toss 'em in the trash."

So, the other day, she asked me if I could watch "John Jetcher" for An-Ew's maiden voyage to the dentist. Excited, we showed up early and bid the elder brother farewell. It would be about an hour. I mean, really, we roll the ball, cut on some music, play with the pretend kitchen, eat yo-yo... how much can happen in an hour?

Well, JJ was in great spirits, LMC was having a blast playing with him and running up and down the hall- finding a **new** ball (boys have far more rolling objects than girls and this little girl was very excited about finding new ones), rolling it to the JJ and then running off again. JJ rolls the ball to me and crawls away, following this new role model.

Very fun. Not 10 minutes are we three flying solo, when LMC looks at me and gives the call that she has to, uh, what did I call them? righttt... daisies. We scoop, we whisk, we run to An-Ew's bathroom. Elmo's potty top in place, LMC in place, an immediate earning for fishies ensues while we wait for the ... daisy... I head to the kitchen to find the ever-valuable fishies. JJ is still hanging tight, surrounded by balls and gleefully pushing one into the other. Super cute. LMC gets her fishies and produces a need for a greater prize via the Elmo seat.

Back up front to find more fishies, JJ still self-entertaining for a moment... then... there was this.... thud.
Not so much a thud, but a sound of something that had fallen, like a book. Yeah, like a book on a baby's head.

JJ's not crying, but LMC is. I race back to An-Ew's bathroom.

Eileen has defied gravity. She's holding the Elmo seat in her left hand, her feet above her head, and she is soaking wet... in the toilet.

"Ma-ma?" She calls quietly.

Not laughing (because that would not be rude), I scoop her up, shuck her clothes in the washer, race her back to Ms. Elizabeth's bathtub, find JJ (who has moved from the balls to behind the table), race back to LMC and run a quick bath. JJ, uninterested in watching turns and crawls back to the land of 800 balls.

Fastest bath known to man over, we grab a towel & find JJ back up front. Double scoop- one kid on each hip, we head to the boys' room for some unisex clothes. JJ is watching me and laughing, which makes LMC laugh... which makes me laugh at the funniness of being us in this moment.

JJ hands me the shorts, LMC kisses his head, JJ starts crying and asking for food. We race up front, load in the high chair, fish out the yo-yo & start eating. LMC sees that JJ has yoyo and asks for the same. Between bites with JJ, grab another and a spoon, set LMC up in An-Ew's booster seat. JJ is looking at me on the verge of tears for his next bite.

Yo Yo complete, things settle down for a moment while we play in the pretend kitchen and LMC finishes her lunch. Toast in the pretend oven, toast on the stove. Toast on the griddle, toast back in the oven. Out of the oven, onto the stove, Fries in the oven, fries on the stove. No sooner had it settled down with two kids playing in the kitchen & one adult checking email, did the door that closed less than an hour ago open & in walked the greatest big brother ever... with a red sticky lizard!

I had such fun glimpsing into the life of more than just one, but I seriously do not know how she does it.


Family Snodgrass said...

Hehe--I do it just like you did it...crisis management-style. :) Thanks again for keeping JJ!

BettieBoyd said...

R--One of the things that helps E keep her chin up with those two, is having you as a friend! You were so kind to help her get An-Ew to the dentist!