Thursday, July 21, 2011


On the way home from the pool, post fender bender and pre-two bags, a purse, and baby in hands and arms- LMC looked up, drunk from the sun and water of Virginia and said, "Hap-pee."

What, baby?

"Mama, hap-pee"

I'm happy, too baby. It was a good day, wasn't it?

"Yes. Hap-pee."

Even the fender bender on the way home, trying a new way (which failed miserably) did not faze us or make the day any more than what it was- excellent.

I have great friends:

That's An-Ew's mom on the left; Miss Clara's mom on the right

We're bunko pals. We're mom friends. We're sanity keepers, shoe finders, and bathroom respites.

This is Miss Clara's debut on here at MTNC-- allow me to present:

She's pretty awesome and LMC's first friend. We met at Capital City Brew & shared french fries, crayons, and sippy cups. Later, they shared syrup and toys while the moms caught a few moments of peace and the girls entertained themselves.

I was able to return the favor of pancake breakfasts at Eastern Market on Fridays by introducing Miss Clara to An-Ew. The three are definitely in "co-play" mode and we try to maintain the chaos as six hands and six eyes are always better than two.

Unfortunately, LMC is the runt of the group (excluding JJ, who is just a shrimp) and can't go into the deep end by herself. 12 inches of water are the perfect height for her to slip and nose be under and eyes asunder. (okay, that really makes no sense- but, the idea is there)

An-Ew, on the other hand, can handle 12 inches with pure gusto. Here he is, showing the infamous "kik kik an-ew" that we have had on repeat this summer.

If he's not swimming by the end of the summer, I'm a monkey's uncle

LMC stalks her prey with the uncanny man-eater eye that she definitely came by naturally. (not me-- any one of her aunts... but... not... me)

An-Ew sometimes responds and sometimes not.

This is my favorite picture, complete mirth: (mirth is an excellent adjective for anything to do with elves or elfin size & LMC would fit into that category perfectly)

And here is our merry band of brothers (minus the photographer, with her new short & curly hair)... wait, where's Miss Clara?

Well, she's part of the crew too....

I love those sassy faces!

It was a good day. Summertime makes me feel like a better parent. A little more patient, a little more exercise, a little more one on one time, a little more of everything wonderful. Wet poolside kisses, extra coats of sunscreen (PS-- there's a difference between spray screen "NO RUB" and spray lotion. Just an FYI), and allowing her to turn a nose up to lunch of strawberries, etc in lieu of french fries and "deep it". We will batten down and get back on the straight and narrow come fall time.

Today, though, today I am hap-pee just like my baby.

Good day.

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