Friday, July 8, 2011


Man on man, I am cranky today. Maybe it was the cashier who squished my bread, tomatoes, and made my artichoke jar explode. Maybe it is the baby who figured out how to open the yogurt in the grocery store and proceeded to dip her fingers in it and spread it all over her face, with only the tiniest bit actually getting into her mouth. Maybe it was the jack*$$ driving in the parking garage at 45 mph while I struggled with groceries and a screaming 2 year old (who had lost her balloon) and almost mowed us down. Maybe, just maybe, it was the fact that Husband and wife did not get a stick of sleep last night due to the screaming princess and not wanting to go to bed.


Either way, it's probably a good thing Husband is on call tonight & Sunday night. And a bad thing, since he has had no sleep. If I am this cranky, I can only imagine how he feels today.

Ugh. When can I call a mulligan?

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