Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Vacation that Just. Won't. End.

When we first moved up here, it was hot. Damn hot. And 225,000 people were without power for days upon days upon days. I felt sorry for them, but was just more than thankful for my central a/c, my rooftop pool, and my cold, cold fridge.

Today. Today is a different story. Today, we are three people without power.

Arriving home Monday, we had a great afternoon by the pool. Back downstairs in our apartment though, something was brewing. Actually, in all the apartments, in all the two buildings that encompass Senate Square. The air conditioning was failing. On Memorial Day Monday. With the technicians on other service calls. So, the entire maintenance crew came in and did what they could. (imagine a bunch of rocket scientists performing brain surgery. They got it done, to some degree)

As it got hotter, Husband & Wife grew frustrated with the increase in temperature at anything we could be frustrated with. A phone call to the The Hotel George discovered a little pity & a insanely reduced rate for the residents of Senate Square. We were packed and gone in 10 minutes.

Fast forward 7 hours. Husband is leaving the hotel to be on call. Fast forward 11 hours and we arrive at 4pm. The a/c is back on via the technicians around 3ish. Within an hour, the power is out. Slap-dab OUT. This was not a huge problem, considering all the other things that could go wrong in a day.

Calling PETF, checking in, and letting her know what is going on, I walked out onto the balcony to hear a firetruck siren and see it pull up in front of our building. Followed by two more. Then three police cars. Two more firetrucks and 2 more police cars blocking traffic to I St, NE. The firemen hopped out, all business, and were already suited up for battle.

Hah. Hah. Hah.

No fire alarm. But, there was smoke. And, as "they" say, where there's smoke...

Downstairs, more smoke. Outside, heat. Amenity building, popsicles. An hour, 13 flights of stairs, and two towels later, The Cagle girls, An-Ew, Elizabeth, & JF are in the much deserved pool. The rooftop provided relaxation and a breeze while we waited for the elevators to start working.

Indeed. They started working. On a generator. Just one. For the whole building. All the way down to the seventh floor, we bid our friend adieu. Pack a bag, call The Hotel George, and we are off again to spend the night away from our home.

Pepco (the power co.) estimated 7pm last night, then 4pm this afternoon, now we are at 8pm tonight. So, we'll probably be here another night.

Hooray for vacation?

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