Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Current Project

So, after the catastrophe of last week, I started this weekend with a three-part knitting class. Teacher at large, Marie Connolly, the only woman I have ever met that makes knitting look cool. She is young, has three children, bikes everywhere (thus making her a not-so-amazing driver), and is totally urbanfied. She even wrote a book about knitting. I'm not kidding, she's pretty great. Okay, enough of my love sonnet- check out what I learned:

Please... do you think that's impressive? I learned something new...

STRIPES! Not just one stripe, but several stripes. I'm so cool.

Even if I am the biggest dork ever.


Family Snodgrass said...

Good job! It's fun to learn something new!

Family Snodgrass said...

Ok, that sounded like a line from Barney or something. But I'm glad you got to stretch your creative muscles!