Thursday, June 9, 2011

Early Mornings

I love the quiet of early mornings here at 705. The internal clock beeps about 6:30 these summer mornings and my day begins. The sun is shining, the news is on mute & music is playing quietly from my computer as I get the day started with bill paying, work details, a small breakfast, and whatever quiet chores I can accomplish while my little one slumbers in her blackened room. 
It is peaceful and a wonderful way to begin before the chaos ensues when LMC squeaks from behind her double doors, “Ma-MEE? An-Ew?” Almost tapping my foot by her door ready to get her out, the doors sweep open and a singsong “Good Morning, my sweet princess!” to kick start what will always be a whirlwind day of playing, swimming, baking, “hep-ing” ma-ma, and whatever adventures we can find for the two Cagle girls. 
We do laundry together, taking twice as long as it should so she can load the washing machine, separate the clothes and carry her those that are hers to her room. Yesterday, Husband was home early and he watched as we worked away hand in hand. When LMC was done sorting, he said, “Do you want Daddy to help you?” 
“Please don’t, she can do it herself.”
“Yeah, but I’m here to help.” 
“But, you aren’t always here. Besides, she can do it herself. Watch.”
And there she went, picking up her clothes basket with all her might, the whole time saying, “Hep? Hep? Hep? Hep?” stepping forward with white knuckles gripping her hamper . Sitting on Husband to not help her,  she arrived at her door, dropped her basket and gleefully said, “I DEED IT! I DEED IT! LOOK! I DEED IT!” Indeed, she had. Husband beamed.
We load the dishwasher, put blocks in boxes, stuffed animals in bins, vacuum, and entertain ourselves once the house is tidy. She cooks her lunch, eats the lunch, and somehow, miraculously, Ba-bee finds her legs from where LMC has tossed her and makes her way to the crib. (It’s amazing) Lunch finished, we search and search for Ba-bee, only to find her (surprise) asleep in the crib.
“Shhh [with a finger to her lips]. Ba-bee sweep.” 
LMC starts to climb in her crib, wanting to join Ba-Bee, BeBe, Woof, and the rest of the gang for a “quick” nap. Asleep before the doors brush shut, the silence and peace has reentered our little 705.
I work, make calls, and do what needs to be done from my desk until she awakens, Husband returns home, and the evening part of our day is created and the mess that comes with it.

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