Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I've said it before & I'll say it again... I've done some dumb things. No denying this fact, we all have- some more dumb than others. Most were probably done between the ages of 13 and, oh, I don't know, 26? Yeah, we'll go with that.

Husband, Wife, & Child went to the beach this past weekend for a glorious sun kissed three days getting sunburned, sand in our hair, and salt on our lips. What we had no idea about was what this beach was like. Well, three fun days later- I can tell you what the beach is like.

There are a bunch of dumb people. Dumber than the dumbest thing Husband and I have ever done.

I mean, really dumb.

Let me give you a for instance... [I have paused trying to think about a dumb thing that I have done... that is not so dumb I am not too embarrassed to share it] ... [I am continuing to pause]

Okay, well, let's just say I've done some dumb stuff. But, nothing and I mean it, NOTHING that I have done was half as dumb as these college kids we kept running into.

Did you know that it is smart to take tequila shots with your waffles at breakfast? Did you know that it is even smarter to sell waffles at the bar? Or sell alcohol at a breakfast joint? Well, in OCMD (that would be Ocean City, MD for all y'all who have not ventured this way), it is commonplace & encouraged.

Did you know that it is smart to throw up out the side of the parked car at 4:30 in the afternoon? Or hang your head over the trashcan at 10:30 on the beach? Or walk into a car, trip, fall, and pass out on the way down?

Did you know that it is freaking brilliant, and I mean this, to drop the hammer and race your crotch rocket of a motorcycle down the Coastal Highway at 3AM? I thought those geniuses were of a particularly fabulous variety.

Did you know that the neighbors who have the two year old and went to sleep around 11 will be thrilled when y'all roll up wasted, easting pizza, and singing "Livin' on a Prayer"? So thrilled, in fact, that the mother might, just might, come out and tell you to "Get inside & go to sleep." (I sounded so much like a mom, even Husband agreed). The only thing that made it even more motherly was when they did two things:

(1) "yes m'am"
(2) they went inside... and went to bed.

I felt old & also responsible, all at once.

But, other than the antics of idiotic twenty-somethings, we had a wonderful time and Eileen had a great birthday. She iced her own gluten-free cupcakes and devoured them in about eighteen seconds. She hopped everywhere and eventually found her way off the towel and onto the sand, though never making it as far as the water.

It was a great time & a great memory.

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Anonymous said...

O.M.G. Ocean City, Maryland?! That place was a trashy, sleazy place even way back in the '60s. So sorry you had to deal with it. . .nothing like beaches at "home," is it? First, there are all those rude, uh, Yankees. nb