Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hurry home, Elizabeth & An-Ew

The weather has been just shy of the border of being able to have fun outside and NOT being able to have fun outside. After  laundry, chores, breakfast, and Mickey Mouse it was a very early 8:15. What are we going to do for the rest of the day into the evening as Husband is on call?

We are going to organize under the kitchen sink and the tool cabinet... On one hand I wish I had taken before shots of the disaster, but am secretly glad that I did not, as they would have been obligated to be on this blog and you 200 who check in on us daily would know what a true disaster looks like.

Tool cabinet let to the sink, which led to the spice cabinet... which led to the junk drawer... There is not much left to organize... hurry home, An-Ew! We'll even give you the bigger ballon & shower you with kisses by the "lodder."

(and yes, you see TONS of baby food jars- they are going to good use. and cords were tagged with ribbon. Hooks in the cabinet walls- hammer and nails are so last month.)

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