Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A good two days

Eileen has learned to jump and it is, quite possibly, the cutest thing ever. Cuter than talking to Ford Merry last night as we were making cookies and he asked me to bring him two- one for him and one for Tellis. That is love and you cannot teach that kind of love. Digress... Eileen jumps. Everywhere. 
With Monday upon us, rain in the air, and no car- we sat and stared at each other for about 3 minutes as the clock ticked from 3:38am to 3:41am. A nightmare brought LMC to the safest place- her parents bed. No sleep and a husband gone later, we have walked, we have talked, and we have played. We played puzzles, we played chase, we did everything together. She made a carrot souffle for lunch and we told BeBe, Teddie, and Woof “night night” as she headed off for lunch. After almost falling asleep in her chair, she joined her Fabulous Three for a three hour siesta.
“Ma-Mee! Ma-Mee! An-Ew!” came from behind the double doors around four. She leapt up, rocket arms in the air. “Bye BeBe!” and she was gone. The rain had ceased and we were out the door to the courtyard for some energy burning. Running up and down the brick walkway until she discovered a puddle and that she could jump in with splashes as a reward.
“LODDER! LODDER Ma-MEE!” and a ripple of the sweetest laugh ensues. Up and down, sitting in the water to splash with her hands and rising again to splash with her feet. I sat and watched. No cell phone playing, no talking to anyone else, just me and my girl enjoying each other.
“Okay, tell the lodder good-bye.”
“We’ll see it again, say ‘bye bye’”
Bye-Bye Lodder. With a wave over her shoulder, she was gone.
A thirty minute bath where she played in an inch and a half of water while I cleaned the bathroom later, she looked at me and simply said, “love.” My heart melted all over again.
She awoke the next day with her favorite two men on her lips.
“Da-Dee? An-Ew? Da-Dee? An-Ew?”
Not quite as pleasant as hearing Ma-Mee as a wakeup chirp, but I’ll take it.
“Honey, Da-Dee & An-Ew aren’t here. Da-Dee’s at the hospital taking care of sick babies & An-Ew is with his Pixie & Woo.”
“WOOOOO? Pixie? Cook-a? Dude?”
“Yep- those are yours. Let’s call Pixie on our phones, okay?”
After a pretend phone call, breakfast, organizing, running, and nap, she awoke and we made [gluten free] cookies for Julie (now, if the cookies actually make it off the cooling racks, in the package, to the mail, DOWN to Georgia-- it’ll be a minor miracle). I blew up a tadpole baby pool, filled it with water and stripped her down. We sat on the balcony as the sun started to set & she played with the “lodder” until she could not play anymore- mostly because it had all made its way out the the pool.
A short walk, quick dinner, and it is time to have a conclusion for a great two days just the two of us.
When it is time for Eileen to go to bed, we have a routine for just the two of us. BeBe, Teddie, and Woof are tucked in, the lights are switched off, and the two of us hold each other while we say our prayers. I pay her a compliment about the day- no matter what kind of day we have had, as having a temper is a good thing... as long as it can be managed. As she is being lifted over the rail and snuggled into her buddies she hears, “I love you, Eileen. You were a wonderful addition to my day. Tomorrow I will try and be a better mother.”
Who tells their kid that they were less than perfect? I do.
For the past two days, she has only heard the first two sentences because this is me patting myself on the back.

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