Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creativity wins every time

Pixie and Woo came to visit for a few days. The first day they were gone, Eileen woke up wondering where her playmates were. Distraction!

It was time to make our first batch of play-dough.

Apparently, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1 cup of water does not taste half bad.

She made the dough, and the mess, all by herself.

Pouring the flour first, teaspoon by spilled teaspoon

Next, the salt. Unfortunate for her, the salt looks an awful lot like the sugar she tried as we baked cookies the other day.

Finally came the arduous task of the water. The messy, messy water.
Once, I was being silly with Husband and threw a little flour at him. It landed in his eyes, with his contacts. FYI: flour + water = paste.  FYIx2: flour+water+contacts+eyes= emergency room. Kidding; however his eyes were pasted shut for longer than I care to admit to & were red for days. I don't throw flour anymore.

Husband walked in the door to see the mess his daughter was making as, "I DO IT! I DO IT!" was the response received when an offer to help was extended.

Everything mixing, Eileen tries to use her toes to bring the dough together. No dice.

Apparently, no idea why, but apparently Eileen was not the very best measurer, so our dough was a little watery. Dumped out on the counter with more flour, she sets to work.

Finally, it comes together with a, "LOOK! Ma-MEE! I deeed it!"

"What do you want to make, Eileen?"
An-Ew always has a big smile and wild hair... so, greetings, An-Ew.

An exuberant "Hi, An-Ew" made me know that we were successful with our An-Ew.

Can you give him a kiss, Eileen?

The next day, Eileen wanted to "Hep! Ma-Mee! Hep!" (meaning, I am going to help you make a big mess in the kitchen, mom. Just an FYI) Washing knives probably was not going to be the best place for her, so I set back out her dough from yesterday and she got to work... eating it. We decided to forego the dough and just go for flour.

She discovered that a mountain could be made into a volcano with just a pat from her nose.

And then the flour gets stuck on her nose if it is wet from playing with the "lodder" in the sink.

Seconds, mere seconds, before she discovered how to throw the flour to the front of the counter and the back of the counter, simultaneously. Thus began our lesson on vacuuming, which succinctly led to a time out or two.

Please do not think that this will teach me a lesson with her and the flour. We need rainy day activities that involve easy clean up!

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