Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Zoo!

We went to the zoo today. I actually drove, for a change. $15 and free admission makes for a happy combination.

Eileen led the way. She is getting to be such a young lady that we thought today, today... she could be a boy. (oh, you think that pink shirt would be the tip-off that she is a SHE? Welcome to DC, where the boys have long hair & the girls dress like Miley Cyrus)
Eileen was in jeggings, and newbies. She was sorority-tastic, ready to take on the animals. 

She marched us under the trees and over the bridges until she found the tigers.

Then, she thought that she should show Da-Dee how great she can walk on the balance beam.

Until it was easier to crawl and was caught red-handed.

At the monkeys, I found it appropriate to call PETF to tell her that Eileen was growling at the monkeys. Growling, yeah I said it. "GRRRRR!" It was loud, too. Mom could hear it all the way in Georgia.

She was quite impressed with herself and her growling abilities.

And then, she wanted to see the elephants. Last time she saw the elephants, she flipped. Not flipped like, totally impressed, but flipped like, flipped over me to run out of there. Today though, today she was quite the fan. Husband asked her if the elephant has a big nose. A big nod.

The Da-Dee said something about fishies, and she looked at me before taking off in a bolt.

At this point, Sr started telling Jr about fishing and the kinds of fish they would catch. Eileen was way more interested in the carp, found just below. What does the fish say? Meeeee-owwww.

And then she heard a moo.

And was quite impressed with the cows. She wanted to get a closer look,  so she tried to call them over with her own, MOOOOO.... no dice.

So, she thought she would take matters in her own hands and tried to make a break for it.

She made a good effort.

Until one came over & Husband picked her up to pet him. Do you see how she has wrapped herself around him, so as to be as far away as possible from the black and white hairy dairy cow?

Sorry, buddy. Maybe next time.

I finally pinned her down to make sure that we had a picture together before heading off.

One last peek at the goats...

Until next time, Zoo. We're outta here!

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Aleasha said...

ps... you look really skinny in this picture! how much weight have you lost? wished i could have seen you over masters.