Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Eileen has taken this whole "picky" business to a new high... or low, depending on perception. Today, we went to Target for some household goodies. As an afterthought, I picked up a package of whole kernel corn, frozen. As we checkout, the wall-eyed cashier who was fascinated by my Georgia license did the smartest thing-- he put the corn in its own small bag, just the perfect size for Eileen.

Back at the ranch, I unload and give Eileen "her" bag and we head up to the apartment. Eileen said, "OHHHH!" with a little sass on her face, placed her Target bag in the crook of her elbow, and sauntered off. All she needed were her sunglasses and I would truly have a mini-me. Between P2 & the 7th floor, an idea hit me much like the Grinch on Christmas Eve. A wonderfully, marvelous, awful idea.

Eileen is going to maker her lunch today. Maybe then I can trick her into eating something besides Mickey Mouse chicken-parts chicken nuggets and ketchup. (Please don't think that those two items would be served together. No. One meal is chicken nuggets and the next, no matter what it is, gets dipped into ketchup and then sucked off before getting re-dipped. Once the fried deliverer gets soggy, she tries to force it into some unknowing parents mouth. Husband is way more tolerant of this than I am, mostly because he likes ketchup and I find it icky.)

Eileen is placed on the counter and she pulls handfuls out of the bag and into a bowl. Eileen holds the bowl while I fix the water for her to pour in. I hold Eileen as she presses the buttons on the microwave and we watch the bubbles. Eileen claps excitedly and screams, "I DEED IT! I DEED IT! MAMA! I DEED IT!" I pull out the corn, Eileen adds the milk, shakes the salt & pepper, and she decides that we need to add some cheese. I pour everything into a food processor, Eileen puts on the cap and presses the button. As the food whips around in a pulverizing frenzy, "OHHHH, Mama! I deed it!" She pauses for just a moment to clap at herself, but upon realizing that not pressing the button made the whirlwind stop, she quickly gets back to work.

I taste and nod. She turns her nose up.


Well, this mom was not going to get undone, because This is what was for lunch. Still smiling, I pour it up in her bowl and let her pick out the spoon and I walk away. (yes, I left her on the counter) Gingerly, she placed her hand over the bowl and said, "hot" ... and then stirred before making the very slow trip with the tiniest of kernels between the bowl and her mouth. Her eyes grew big as she smiled at her handiwork.

"Mama, I deed it."  

Yes, Sweet Potato, you did do it & I am very proud of you. Thank you for being such a big girl helper!

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