Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Saturday

At this moment, I am laying in bed in my new blue nightgown, between fresh sheets and a breeze coming in from eternally open window. Next to me is Eileen in my favorite pink jammies. $44 were spent several months ago for these very decadent jammies that are worth every penny. On the far side of the bed is Husband, holding Eileen's crackers and pretending that BeBe (the world's ugliest monkey) is snoring for her. Mickey Mouse is on the TV and we are waiting for our breakfast to cook.

This is just one of those moments that I want to capture and remember before Husband has to go back to work and the terrible twos set in. The forecast says rain and it is overcast outside our bedroom window. But, inside 705 it is beautiful and sunny.

I have plans this afternoon to Mac-I-Fy a friend, so I will be heading to Georgetown for shopping in a bit. We have a gala to attend this evening, which is a word that makes me smile- Gala. It just sounds pretentious. It does roll off better than "black tie affair" but not as great as "Capitol Hill Prom."

This moment is passing, breakfast is ready and Mickey Mouse is over. The graham crackers are gone and Eileen has flipped upside down with her feet in the air. Happy Saturday. Happy, happy family. Happy days.

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