Thursday, April 14, 2011

Before Southern Living (AKA, the Bible) hijacks my ingenious idea

So, I went home for a month. Day 1 back at the homestead, I found an box of ANCIENT recipes. All kinds of things-- old envelopes, GB&T deposit slips, receipts, actual recipe cards... you know, those things found when a hand starts fumbling in a purse as the greatest thing ever tasted has to be written down. And then...itgetstossedinadrawer, completely forgotten. the handwriting of both my grandmothers brought memories for everyone. My great grandmother's tricks in the kitchen were found- handwriting identified by my father. Midway through, I found an old envelope with blue ink and grease stains. Both my parents said, "OH! That's the very best Cesear salad in the world!" When they were first married, some guy owned some restaurant in some town in South Carolina. After much fanagling, he finally gave away his secrets.

All kinds of cool things. My great grandparents saved menus from their travels on the West Coast. Still in a box, collecting dust. There were telegrams from 1941 when they were in Hawaii. (do that math, or at least google it)

These things needed a better home than a box. This is our history and what makes us, as a family, have roots. So, I swiped mom's credit card and headed to the frame store. An undisclosed amount of money later, me, my Miller Lite, and hundreds of recipes, menus, and the like were in the kitchen.

Take my idea... it was neither expensive nor hard (or hard?) and was lots of fun. Afterwards, I started going through moms 10 china patterns, helping her get organized. Really- ten. The smallest will seat 6 for sandwiches and the largest will seat 16 complete with soup bowls. Who uses those anyway?

So, they got new homes as well. I'd love to figure out which ancestor bride had which antique pattern.

Check it out-- I am, obviously, quite proud of my handiwork.

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