Sunday, March 13, 2011

spring cleaning

While on a walk today, I saw the first sign that spring is around the corner...

Technically though, it's the second. The first sign started on Friday afternoon when it Was Time. Time to Clean. This apartment was in serious need of some tidying. The more I tidied, the more focused I became on cleaning the closet. So, taking a page from Eileen's closet, I grabbed a hammer and nails and locked myself in the clutter haven.

I have ten pair of flip flops.

Four pair of tennis shoes.
Will has three.

I have four pair of boots.
Will has one (shown here).

These are my favorite boots, now hanging smugly at an angle.

And 6 hats. All mine.

Hammer. Nails. Those suckers are really, quite, handy.

Now, every pair has a home, all are off the ground. Purses are in marked boxes, wrapped in their dust jackets. Pashminas are tucked in a separate, tagged, box. T-Shirts and scrubs are in cubbies.

Technically, there are 45 size 7 shoes in our tiny closet. (A few more in hiding under my bed) Let's ponder this little factoid for a moment... forty-five. That is more teeth in your mouth, letters in the alphabet, and diet cokes in a case. If I had a dollar for every shoe I owned, I could buy lunch for 6 at Chick-Fil-A and still have money for Target. If I had not purchased 45 pair of shoes... averaging $50/pair. Considering that flip flops are about $30 each, VanElis are closer to $100, and Steve Maddens are about $80. Tennis shoes are about $120 (amazing that I spend more on tennies than anything else). So, averaging $50/pair... I would have enough for one month's rent, plus change.

But, let's not go there. Forty five pair. It's enough. For now. 

Gone are the days when I used to buy one brown pair of heels, one black pair of heels, one pair of flip flops, and a pair of tennis shoes. Long gone.

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Family Snodgrass said...

I may have to get out my hammer.