Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Me, Tellis, & Eileen

I had the pleasure of babysitting both Tellis & Eileen for about 45 minutes yesterday. Tellis is 6 months older than Eileen and her BFF- not to be confused with An-Ew, her other BF (boy-Friend).
Eileen ran into the sleeping Tellis’ room, climbed into her bed and under her covers. Tellis, a very slow waker-up, rolled over and looked questionably at the peanut beside her. Half a second later, they were both jumping up and down in the crib. Eileen, who does not take pacifiers, found one of T’s “baas” and popped it in her mouth... upside down. Tellis pulled it out and replaced it proper side up.

They kissed each other, exchanged baas, and otherwise acted like two long lost soul mates, a new sisterly love rekindled. 
Promises of playtime, we evacuate the crib and the girls take off, running down the hall on their tip toes, arms stretch behind them. Trains, kitchens, markers on the wall, they were old pals with not a beat lost. Then, as quickly as it came, the plans changed. T walked up to me and said, “Paci?”
“Your paci is in the night-night. You don’t need it.”
And then, I contemplated where we were. She was (a) communicating and (b) not whining so I said, “okay, let’s go get it."
On the way back to her room, Eileen left to her own devices in the play room, I asked T to sit in the rocking chair. 
“What do you want?” I asked again.
“Paci.” She responded plain and simple. Duh.
“I sad.”
“I want my paci.”
“I sad,”
“Why are you sad?”
“I want my paci.”
“Will you paci make you happy?”
“Than why do you want it?”
“I miss mama.”
“Ohhh.... you’re sad because you miss your mama?”
“And what will make you happy?”
“Spider man gummies.”
“OH? Spiderman gummies will make you happy? Not a paci?”
“Yeah! Spiderman gummies. Ra Ra, spideman gummies?”
“Okay, tell you what. Let’s find a snack that you can share with Eileen since she can’t eat gummies yet.”
“No. See, you know how you have teeth? Where are your teeth?”
A gesture to her mouth.
“Well, Eileen does not have as many teeth as you and she cannot eat something like that. How about a cracker?”
“YEAH! Let’s go get Eileen and get some chee-tos.”
“EYE-YEEN! EYE-YEEN! Chee-TOE!” as she tears down the hall, pacifier-less.
And they say you can’t reason with a child...

Two little girls sharing Froot Loops & Chee-tos makes a mess, but makes a big smile on three happy faces.

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