Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kitchen Dancing

Kitchen dancing is, quite possibly, one of my most favorite past times. It evokes a whimsical freedom of youth that crosses all ages and times of my life. From brother than boyfriends to boyfriends who became husbands (well, boyfrieND who became husbaND) to cousins and friends- there really is no better place to dance than in the kitchen.
Long before LMC, Husband and Wife would flip on the stereo when a weekend was to be had and without a second thought found ourselves laughing and dancing in the pea pod green kitchen, just the two of us with the spring air wafting through the craftsman windows of 2635. It is a great place and as I have heard many times, the heart of a household. 
When Husband is on call and it is brr cold outside, I will find oldies on the iPod, fun dancing music and my little date and I will dance, dance, dance running around the house (as the kitchen is not large) until we collapse in giggles.
Last night, the 85 degree day found The Junior Merrys hosting the Cagle girls for supper of a wonderful cold chicken pasta salad that Martha created off the top of her head. Tellis was running around saying, “It’s GAAA night! Toooo-night! GAAAA night!” Martha knew what she was saying and asked, “Do you want to hear that song?”
A few flips of the touch screen on my iPhone found Tellis dancing in the kitchen to the Black Eyed Peas, “I Gotta Feeling.”
“Ra Ra! Do Dis!” as she patted her thighs to the beat of the music. “Leen! Dance!” (Leen looked at her like she was crazy) “Mama! Dance! Mama! Watch ME!” Ford ran in to join the action wearing nothing but pants- totally appropriate club wear.
Martha and Eileen by the sink, Ra-Ra and Tellis by the fridge, and Ford in the middle- all four girls- dancing. In the kitchen. Where we should. Ford made a request for “Single Ladies” and I showed the kids the Beyonce Single Ladies ... and then the lawnmower.... then the sprinkler.... because those are my top three kitchen moves. The Merry kids were fast learners and quick on the beat- they certainly did not get that from Brad’s side. They just might have some rhythm in them.

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