Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The battle ensues.

As I have said before, I am many things.

Picky eater. Check.
Creative. Check.

When the two get mixed, Eileen has met her match. We made smoothies out of peas and carrots and she was none the wiser. Yesterday though, she turned her nose up to creamed corn.

Seriously? Who doesn't just fall head over heels in love with creamed corn at first sweet, succulent whiff of the yellow-gold good stuff? If she would just try it, she'd like it... but how do you reason with a stubborn little girl just shy of 2?

You smoke 'em out.

Yesterday, she had an excellent breakfast of an Eggo & yo-yo. Lunchtime came around and I tried to feed her corn kernels, off the cob. I was kidding myself, that sounds unappetizing unless it has been dried and popped. Quick deviation, food processor, milk, butter, salt... voila.... exceptionally yummy creamed corn.

"Eileen, are you  hungry?"
"Okay, let me know when that changes."
"Nope. Corn?"

Three attempts at creamed corn. Nothing. Different bowls, different spoons, different presentations, different tactics (MINE! is my favorite-- that would be ME saying MINE! to her. Yep, mother of the year and reverse psychology)

Post lunchtime, post naptime, post snacktime (of creamed corn- NO!), we string up our Nikes to go play with some friends at the portrait gallery. The babes can run around and the mommies can get a glass of wine. Eileen had some saltines and gold fish as her appetizer with An-Ew. There was water running over the stone floor in one section about half an inch high. I ripped off her heavy cotton tights and squeaky shoes. She and An-Ew ran, ran, ran, and RAN until they could not run anymore. They made splashes and messes and started a trend. Other little children peeled off their shoes and took to the water. You can take the girls out of the South, but not the South of the girls.

We're such trend setters. Totally unprepared, we had to let the girl in the sweater dress and the boy in the red corduroy overalls sit at the table while they dried off before we went outside.

"Eileen, would you like a bite?" (as I had packed her C. Corn)
"Okay, let me know if you change your mind."

Eileen kisses An-Ew goodbye, I hug Elizabeth and we set out for home.

Within 10 minutes of arriving at the apartment, Eileen is cuddled up with her blanket and asking to go to bed. No supper. No bath. No nighttime milk. No Mickey. No NOTHIN'. She wanted the B-E-D.

All this to say, this morning, she HAD to be hungry. No getting around it, had to be. No Eggos this morning. No yogurt.

Creamed corn.

Five minutes of protesting, I walked away to start working on the 15 sandwiches for Husband. Eileen put the tiniest of bites on her spoon and in her mouth. No gagging. A second tiny bite... and then a big bite.

SUCCESS! The girl can eat something besides chicken fingers!

Who's Mother of the Year?!

PS... And wife of the year. I'm going out of town today & Will has to bring his lunch & dinner to work. 15 sandwiches made. 15 Vitamin Waters purchased. 30 cookies made and packed. 15 coffee filters filled with 30 scoops of coffee grinds. 15 frozen meals purchased. All safely stashed in the freezer to retain freshness.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Eileen doesn't have a chance! You are clever and creative (also adult--which is why kids don't rule the world) and you will win this "battle." Sometimes, too, I remember, it helps to 'splain to the protesting child that the itty-bitty peas and diced carrot pieces are just "Eileen-sized" (who doesn't like customized ANYthing?) --nbb