Sunday, February 27, 2011

A note from Ange...

that I felt compelled to share...

Recent events which may become generally known require an explanation to friends, family and interested persons. As our friends know, Woody and I have personally cared for my father for several years. Fortunately, he lived only a few doors down the street and this eased our daily efforts to support him as his health deteriorated. In recent months his physical and mental health have deteriorated more rapidly.

Due to worsening dementia, daddy became more difficult to manage. Recently, we made a family decision, initiated by him, to make arrangements for him in a local assisted living home. He is 90.

A few weeks ago, daddy called one morning stating that he was in extreme pain and no one would answer his emergency call button to help him and to get out of bed. Woody rushed to the facility but could not gain access to daddy’s room. Daddy was on the other side of the locked door yelling and screaming in pain. Woody immediately began searching for an attendant to provide access but found no one in his initial efforts in the halls, front desk or public rooms. He became increasingly concerned. Upon finally locating someone, and in his haste and anxiety, Woody touched a lady in the shoulder area. It was not a push, shove, punch or violent in any way. The lady did not fall to the floor or into furniture nor was she injured in any way. Unfortunately, she has brought a simple battery charge against Woody. On the bright side, daddy was confused and in pain, but was otherwise fine.

Daddy’s situation has reached the point however that we are now looking for another facility with additional services for guests requiring more personal care. Though we regret a charge was made by this one employee for this incident we are extremely thankful for the patience and courtesy of the staff and management in general.

I respectfully request your understanding our need for privacy at this very emotional time. Those of you having lived through similar experiences with loved ones will know what we are living through. We love “Big Dad” which he is affectionately called and we cherish his life. He is a veteran of World War II. We will continue that love and support as long as he is with us on this earth.

Ange (Mrs. Woody) Merry

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Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, Ange and Rachel...and Woody. Having been through exactly what you're dealing with with MY mother (now 90, in a nursing home in Athens) and with Tom's mother (now 86, and just admitted to an assisted living facility in Covington), believe me when I say I feel your pain. And your frustration. I, of course, am not aware of anything that has transpired recently in Augusta, but I will hold you all in my thoughts and prayers. This is such a difficult time for us all. -- Nancy B.