Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Men in Her Life

Eileen and I are cleaning out our closets... it makes me feel better when the house is a wreck, at least I know that the closets are clean. Sadly, we have lived here a little over seven months and they have been cleaned and organized more times than I care to admit to.

Eileen tries on various funny hats & sweaters, jumps up and down, and then... takes them off for the next round. She still has the blueberry yogurt from breakfast all over her face and is currently wearing a pink Minnie Mouse (IN-E, as she calls it) t-shirt & a red fleece hat with a pom-pom on top, electing that over the lavender dual pom-pom fleece hat. 

By the front door is where we are currently sitting, surrounded by wax cotton jackets, leather jackets, the lone fur my parents have said I could BORROW while we reside in 20002, and a vast assortment of baby layers- sweaters, snow suits, buntings, etc.

Eileen has looked at me, on more than one occasion this morning and said, "Daddy?"

"Daddy's not here. He'll be here in a little bit," which is my standard response when she has not seen Husband for more than ten minutes. The days he is on call, the answer is, "Daddy will be here tomorrow. He's taking care of sick babies at the hospital and sends his love. He wants to be here with us, but he has to be there today." The day he is post call, the answer is, "Daddy's not here. He'll be here in a little bit."

So... here we are surrounded by jackets and Eileen asking about The Curly Headed Man.

"Daddy's not here. He'll be here in a..."
"We aren't going to see An-Ew today, he's with his Da-Dee and Ma-Mee and baby brother today. We'll see him on Friday at the IMAX."
"Daddy's not here. He'll be here..."
"AN-EW?!" With a little more emphasis.
"We aren't going to see An-Ew today."
"Daddy's not ..."
"Honey, I know An-Ew wants to see you, too."

"Yes, Sweet Potato?"
Fish kiss.

While it is clear who the men in this girls life are, it's nice to know that I make the top three.

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Family Snodgrass said...

Could not love this more! Eileen gets LOTS of talk time at our house too!