Thursday, February 17, 2011


Husband was on call the other day (shocker) so Eileen and I had a bubble party with THE GREATEST bubbles, EVER. Seriously. Click here:  8oz Gazilion Refill and buy. If your child is anywhere under the age of 40, they will get a big kick out of these.

She loves trying to catch them.

Since Da-dee was gone, we were able to fill the kitchen with ba-boos for the gleeful girl.

This is her... saying, "BA-BOOS! MOMMY! Ba-Boos! Ba-boos!"

And this is her trying to get the ba-boo off my shoulder.

We (Obviously) decided to forgo the cleaning of the kitchen for more ba-boo time!

Everywhere! ba-boos, mommy!

Ba-boos in her hair, on the fridge.

on the stove...

Look at that smug look-- she caught a ba-boo!

And then she popped said ba-boo.


No time for tea sets & plasma cars, mom. There are Ba-Boos.

She wanted to help out but was not successful.

I love the ba-boos in her hair!

The bubbles like to hang out in Eileen's hair.

Can you see them? Stuck to the rug?

And this is my favorite-- the bubble stuck to my flowers!

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