Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Funny Farm

Husband and I are spending an extensive ten days with his family on their farm. Here, they raise grandchildren, wine, houses, and dogs. 

Seventy Five. Seventy five acres is where the Cagles call home. All five. Each child has two acres squared off for them to use at their discretion. Eventually, we will move an ancient farm house to Will's two acres. On his (our) two, he (we) has (have) beautiful long leafs, a pond, and a winding trail ready to be made into a driveway. Don't get any ideas-- this will be our farm house, and a home away from home for when we visit. And it won't be any time soon. We dream. And we plan.
Fifty. Fifty catfish in the pond fished by nephews, nieces, and uncles. Notsomuch on the aunts, daughters, or daughters in law.
Forty Six. Forty six months since Will has had this kind of time off. (April, 2007.)
Forty Two. Forty two months since we have been here for longer than two days. The excruciating time when Cathering & Charner almost lost their baby, John. We packed our bags in fifteen minutes and made the drive in a scary short three hours. We stayed for days and prayed for the little guy who is learning the letter "G" today.
Thirty. Thirty pecan trees on Uncle Floyd and Aunt Bobbie Grace's farm where we ran around with metal detectors searching for buried treasure. Rusty nails and old tin were all we found.
Twenty. Twenty miles of dirt roads around here that Tommy, Will, Rachel, and Eileen rode. No Miller Lite was involved. Promise.
Fifteen. Fifteen cookies Addie & I made yesterday learning about fractions. 
Twelve. Twelve chickens that produce one to two eggs a day.
Nine. Nine miles from town.
Eight. Eight grandchildren live here. One on the way. Catherine is pregnant with her precious fourth and I am already in love.
Seven. Seven dogs. Eleven when the baby comes to town from Athens. 
Four. Four houses. The Cagles, the Montgomerys, the Tauntons, and the Rouses decided to make their roots with the live oaks and spanish moss covered trees next to siblings, in-laws, cousins, and parents.
Three. Three cows purchased and waiting to find their new home here come March.
Two. Two grandmothers who will break ground on their new home this spring. Tommy's mother (Miss Lucille as I am lucky enough to call her) and Debbie's mother (Miss Bonnie) will be roommies out here in a comfortable two master bedroom home. 
One. One very ancient live oak tree in the front yard of the original house that we have our picture taken in front of when all five children are together with the ever growing family. It is always a disaster rounding up the grandchildren like herding cats, smiling for Abby the photographer and keeping the dogs out of the way. But, for a micro second as Abby snaps, we are all smiles on this compound that grows more than flowers and vegetables.

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Family Snodgrass said...

Awesome. Purely awesome. I would love to live on a family compound. :)