Sunday, January 2, 2011

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

William E. has a project due tomorrow, so the Rachel P. & Patricia E. packed up on this cool late morning and headed to see Arthur C., my great grandfather, Elise S. (doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well), and Annie D. (great-great aunt?) at Arlington Cemetery.

We are special folks by getting to actually drive into Arlington and wind our way to the oldest part of the cemetery to greet the Ducats. Patricia E. leapt out of her car seat and beelined straight to him. She has squeaky shoes and wanted to show them off.

Some children learn their letters and numbers with pen, paper or Sesame Street. My kid? Oh, we learn it the old school way, literally. "That's right, Eileen, that is a 'D'. Do you see the 'A'?"


They say that babies (and animals) can see and hear things that we can't, like angels. When E had free reign running around her great-great grandfathers grave.... wait, am I a generation off? Is Arthur C. my great? or my great-great? 

Woody is my dad
AJ is his mom, my grandmother
Reggie is her dad? my g'grandfather
Arthur is his dad? my g'g'grandfather?

(stream of consciousness, that's what this blog is)

Getting back on track.... babies and animals can see and hear things that we, as adults, can't. Car parked, Eileen out- she bee-lined for Arthur C. and hopped all around his granite post with no direction from me. Dancing and singing, she raised her right hand and started waving to something I could not see. Secretly, I envisioned an old man with a goatee waving back in an antique uniform with gold fringe. Not much thought of the old birds that are his wife and daughter. 

After 15 minutes of hopping around and dancing for those that I could not see, Eileen decided it was time to meet the neighbors.

The McMillans seemed nice enough, there were seven little houses in a large square around this big one. And, see that patch of granite to the right? That says....

Next trip back, I will wear scuffier shoes, so I can see what his twin brothers name was.

Eileen and I have no idea what all those codes mean... but once we hit up google, we'll happily let you know.

Eileen thought Horace might want some juice, he politely declined.


Purple Heart Lt. Mitchell said he'd like a little, so Eileen returned thanks for giving to his country so that we may remain free.

Arthur C. has some pretty high class neighbors. Like this guy....

And this congressman....

Col. Regan interrupted our neighborhood jaunt and asked Eileen to sit down and told her a story...

So, she did.

But, then it started to look like rain, so we went to tell Arthur C. goodbye...

And she showed off her number/letter skills one more time...

Before she sat, like this, for almost a full minute- mesmerized by something I could not see.

We said our thanks to the modern soldiers of Iraq and Afghanistan before heading home...

Arthur C. tuckered out Patricia E. and was asleep before we even left the neighborhood...

Arlington, it's our favorite neighborhood.

Oh, and a final thought... I want to be remembered as Charlotte should be remembered:

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Lauren said...

LOVE this post!! I'm so jealous that you are a quick car ride from Arlington! And you are, my dear, beautiful and beloved!