Friday, December 24, 2010

Mama had a backer leaf

Today, my husband is on call and I am cleaning our home getting ready for his arrival tomorrow, Christmas afternoon.

Today though, today I miss my china. Yes, it is silly to miss something so frivolous but I do. I have beautiful china, Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf:

Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf Dinner Plate Size:10.5 Inch dia

And beautiful crystal:

Waterford Clarendon Wine Goblet

Fortunately, I carried some of my silver with me. A southern girl has to know how to set a table (dessert fork tines to the right, dessert spoon bowl to the left):


The only thing I do have is a wedding gift from the first Mrs. William Edward Gilbert Cagle- a lovely eyelet tablecloth that her mother made and was a gift from the first to the second. On this first Christmas at our home, I will be using (their) her (my) tablecloth sans china and crystal, plus silver.

The crystal and china are packed away, tucked deep in Brad's attic and mom's closet. Until next time...

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