Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas, take 2


What a great day. It was relaxed. It was quiet. It was ideal. We had a dinner fit for kings (or Cagles). Homemade croissants (yessir, compliments of me), exotic mushroom bread pudding (holy moly), my FIRST beef tenderloin- DOMINATED, red wine with dinner, white wine as a precursor, homemade egg nog ice cream for dessert.

Eileen wanted to help cook, and she did a great job hiding the pans in the microwave.

We had our juice (in our lismore) and Eileen had hers.
The picture in the background was a Christmas gift from my dear friend, Petra. It says "When I count my blessings, I count you twice." I love it.

Eileen was not interested in our king's feast, so she had yogurt, with her silver spoon. (the silver server contained the so-good exotic mushroom bread pudding)

Clothes stripped, yogurt consumed, presents opened, and a Christmas tornado having ripped through the apartment- night mom!

The after effects of sitting around the dinner table, sipping good wine, and enjoying each other's company with Gene, Bing, and Frank. Ugh, who's cleaning?

In case you are itching to see more Christmas pictures: 

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