Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sewing... knitting....

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to learn how to sew. This past Christmas, my parents picked up on it and bought me a sewing machine. I was incredibly excited and promptly signed up for 10 classes. 9 of my classes were cancelled. I have a very lovely pillow case that I made in my first class, and have had to set the dream aside until we relocate to a place that has reasonable childcare, or I get a husband back from his second residence found at Children's National. 

I moved on to bread. 88 tries at a non-cheating sour dough bread where I caught and grew my own yeast  lead to a very gleeful, "HOT DAMN!" when I succeeded.  What sort of other homemade goodies can I create in my kitchen?

And homemade indeed, I did create. 

Next, Eileen's bows at the store are a ha-ha funny $4.50 EACH. A trip to the craft emporium and found enough supplies to make 20 bows for the same $4.50. Super glue, scissors, and a little Elmer's- Eileen can throw her bows out of the stroller and there are plenty more. I am no longer upset at the loss of $4.50.

Filling the void of sewing and really wanting to learn how to make lace and French handsew, I found a knitting class.

I am knitting a hat. And I am in love all over again. It is a kid-friendly place where I learn to knit from a published expert: The Expectant Knitter: 30 Designs for Baby and Your Growing Family... Marie is awesome and has such patience with my untrained hands.

I knitted and knitted for 2 hours on Sunday night as my babe and husband slept (they both went to bed at 7- one had not had a nap and the "fall back" really monkeyed with her schedule & the other had not slept in 48 hours and worked for 31 of them). Realizing that something was not right with my stitches, the next morning I was in front of Maire's shop, Stitch DC, and she showed me where I went wrong, ripped out my stitches and helped me start over. 

I am so impressed with my abilities and creativity. HOT DAMN!

Yoga... bread... crafts... knitting... what's next? 

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