Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Raised Right

Back in the south, as parents, they would say things like, “raised right.” 
“Oh, her? That’s Rachel Merry- her parents are Ange & Woody. She was raised right.”
This statement basically boils down to “Best to bring home to parents” in high school superlatives. I, piously, like to think that I was “raised right.” I can curtsey without wobbling. I can carry on a conversation and write a well-thought thank you note. These are just a few things that involve being “raised right.”
I am, with my very best effort, attempting to raise Eileen “right.” We do nice things for friends, like take them dinner after a baby is born or make cookies, because, really, nothing says friend like a homemade chocolate chip cookie! 
Chocolate chip cookies and being “raised right” go hand in hand. Today, Eileen and I made chocolate chip cookies for a friend who is going to her in-laws for Thanksgiving. Promises that these cookies will be excellent, Eileen and I set off to do such- be a good friend and make cookies.
In raising Eileen right, I taught her about cleanliness (it’s next to Godliness). We shucked her Aunt Polly smocked outfit and put her “helper chair” next to the mixer as we poured, stirred, and created little bits of Heaven. She learned how to get the cookie dough out of the bottom of the bowl.

She is really taken right to being "raised right."
It starts in the kitchen, you know.

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Family Snodgrass said...

E certainly does have "take home to the parents" credentials! :)