Monday, November 29, 2010


With Husband on call tonight, I have to find things to entertain Eileen as it is getting quite chilly. After her nap, we pile in the car and head up to Home Depot. Getting creative with space for Christmas, I decided on three little rosemary trees, pine garland, a fir wreath and lots of twinkle lights.

Eileen and I have had the best day decorating the apartment, coloring on paper to make small chains for the little trees scattered around the house as we turn this place into Santa's workshop.

Well, just in case anyone out there was keeping tabs, I am also allergic to pine needles. My arms are in complete hives and won't stop itching. The balcony looks beautiful, though. Looks like Husband will be the one taking those down after the new year.

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Aleasha said...

I'm starting to wonder if there is anything out there you aren't allergic to. I'm sorry to hear that friend. Hope the hives get better soon! ps... it was so great to see you the other day!