Monday, November 1, 2010

Beth & Co.

On one hand, this should not be a blog that I post to the masses. On the other hand, it is nothing that we are ashamed of, and at the rate “gossip” travels through Augusta, GA- I must acknowledge that my mother’s homepage is my blog. Not by her choice, but mine. She does not know how to change it, so every morning and afternoon when she shakes her mouse to check her email, weather, and foxnews, she has to start here- at Meet The Newest Cagle Dot Com.
So, Hi Mom! I hope you are proud of me and your dashing SIL.
What started out as a wholesome family day concluded as such with a little interlude here and there. This weekend was Husband’s first day off in over two weeks. He actually got 48 hours that he could rub together as his own. We spent the weekend walking, attending a kids Halloween festival, restoring sanity, attending mass with the Pillbox that was LMC, and watching the GA/FL game. It was the ONLY thing Husband wanted to do all weekend (football), and I, obviously, was happy to oblige. 
Wholesome-- we are meeting up with Beth & Co. at Molly Malone’s... this might sound like a bar and it might look like a bar, but when it comes down to it, at 3:30 in the afternoon-- it is a restaurant. We showed up to find no Beth. No company.
An email, phone call response, and we were off to, um, Trusty’s.
Sidenote: I get nervous when I meet new people and try to hide it well. Before though, my stomach is butterflies, I talk too fast, and my hands sweat. I have no idea why, but I do. And it happens a lot more now that we are in a city where we know only a handful of people. 
SO- we start walking UP Pennsylvania (not the way you want to go when coming from the hill) and it gets a little shady but, like I said, it’s 3:30 on a Saturday- husband, wife, and stroller are walking to Trusty’s... so no big deal. My hands start sweating, the butterflies are finding their way up my throat. Further and farther up Penn; I call Beth back to make sure we are heading the right way, “YO! Does this place have cheap drinks and free cab rides home? I’m afraid we are going to get mugged.”
“Cheap drinks, yes. Free cabs, no.”
We arrive to the Arkansas Club bar [Trusty’s] and immediately walk home. Not back to Senate Square, but into Squeaky’s Tip Top or Allen’s or Helga’s or DT’s, or any other awesome dive that you instantly fall in love with. With our baby.
We had our baby at a bar. 
Beer from a mason jar, a converted school bus as a bar, and old oil cans as lights, I was in love with this place. There was wire mesh on the windows like at a crusty liquor store that sells no liquor on the wrong side of the tracks. It was awesome.
We walk in and seeing a friendly face like Beth’s, your butterflies flitter away and the sweaty hands cool off. 
Beth & Co.
Beth escorted the 3 Cagles (and our stroller) to two tables in the back where Eileen made friends with the post-college kids and we ran into not one person that knew us, but seven. Seven people separately came up to us or hollered across the cement floored bar, “HEY! You Cagle? Have a beer!” The Kinks were playing on the old jukebox and the burgers were frying next to the bar.
Whether it was our pediatricians sons, the neighbors kids from back home, our banker’s niece, or someone we went to school with-- it was an amazing mixture of only Moultrie and Augusta kids. Promises of babysitters and phone numbers exchanged, we sat and watched Georgia as Sinatra came on the juke box. 
The Polynesian bartender brought another round and Beth nodded that it would go on her tab. Then Guns & Roses. Touchdown Georgia! Followed by INXS, and the Beastie Boys. Interception! The Beach Boys, an order of fries and the immortal Billy Joel.
Stories got taller and the crowd got thicker. Lopsided smiles started to appear on the post college kids faces and the people all around us. 
These were our people here with Beth.
The bartender was unfazed by the baby. 
The cop walking through escorting the prostitute out of the bar tipped his hat to Eileen and gave her a high five.
The prostitute was unfazed.
The PCK (post college kids) were unfazed.
Even Eileen was unfazed when I took her to the roof and out the back door to change her diaper (I would not change it in the bathroom).
She is a versatile kid.
Beth is a great friend.
And we had a great, almost normal day. Average Saturday, just like any Saturday. Welcome home, Cagles.

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TapDancingMachineB said...

Coming out of closet blog stalking now. Loved the post-made me smile! If you didn't know, I'm stoked to have you and Wilbur in the District so I am tickled pink every time we make plans. Hope to make more soon! - Beth