Thursday, November 4, 2010


It has been cold.
It has been rainy.
It has caused a total lack of ability, not lack of motivation, to continue my commitment of 1000 miles.

My goal has been hovering at 701 for most of this week. That one-- that little ONE at the end of the seven hundred has been mocking me, laughing, and otherwise hacking me off.

Last night, Eileen and I walked to Capital City Brew to eat dinner with Husband as he did not leave the hospital until 7:00. So, FINALLY.... I am at 700.

700 miles left to go, 300 dominated.

I am, sadly, anticipating my speed to slow down dramatically as the weather starts to become less and less agreeable with having a baby outside without DFACS getting a phone call....

Alas, we must make due and find other ways to expel our energy... mine as much as hers.

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