Monday, October 25, 2010

Talky talky talk...

Right now, Eileen is at my feet, holding onto my knee and saying, “OHHHHHH DOO-DLES!”
Yep, Mickey Mouse is on. 
Her language is developing exponentially. At first, it was just, “Uh-Ohhhhhhh” when she dropped something, whether by accident or purpose.
Shoes and juice are the same word, but unless she is pointing at her feet, we know to get a cup. It is something like, Shouice.
Hot Dog. That means it is time to find a Mickey Mouse episode.
La-La... this is for Elmo.
LEEN! That is what she calls her cousin, Tellis. When Tellis sees Eileen, she [Tellis] says, “I-LEEN! LEEN! LEEN! LEEN! LEEN!” Now, when E wants to see T on my phone or computer, she says, “Leen?”
Pup-py. I am not a dog person, but Eileen, goodness! She is such a puppy person. Husband has already assured her that there will be many puppies in her future.
Choo-Choo. We live behind Union Station and have become accustomed to the rumble of the trains. When Will gets home, he will take Eileen out to the deck to see the trains coming and going. She loves this.

Chicken, BAHHH... this is by far the greatest thing ever. Ange & Woody have chickens in the backyard and when she stayed with them for a few weeks, they would check the chickens every day. Out of nowhere, she started saying, “Chick-chick. BAH BAH BAH,” Because that is what chickens say.
Aye. We have started discussing our letters and can’t get past Aye.
Two. We like to count. “Eileen, let’s count, okay? Oneeeee,” I say. “TWO!” she screams, with glee. “Threeeeee,” I respond. “TWO!” she screams again with glee. When she hears the word ‘one,’ even if it is ‘no one’ ... she says, “TWO.”
Nonononononononono. Can’t just say NO, it has to be nononononono.
Dude. -- This is Tommy, my FIL.
Cooka. -- This is Debbie, my MIL.
Wa-dude -- This is Woody.
We have nothing for PETF as of yet.
Dank You. She is very polite and says Thank you.
Crack. Cracker, her staple food.
We also do some sign language-- more, all done, drink, eat, and yes. 
She also can answer simple yes & no questions-
“Do you want to get down?” a nod.
“Are you ready for a bath?” a shake.
“Do you think you are allowed to play with that electrical cord?” a nod.
“Do you have a dirty diaper?” a big shake, which usually means a nod.
“Do you want to see her Andrew? (her boyfriend)” a nod.
“Are you hungry?” nod.
“Okay, go load up...” and she takes off running for her chair.
But, probably the neatest ever was this past weekend. I was going out with some new girls, Kappa alums, and Eileen was with me as I was getting dressed. I fished out my Steve Madden snakeskin flats, tres cool. Eileen went back into my closet and fished out my Tony Llama, ass-kickin’ cowboy boots... 
“Really, Eileen? Do you think these would look better?” A nod.
I take off the flats and put on the boots.
“Eileen, what do you think? Do these look cooler than the flats?” A vehement nod and she takes off running. Of course, this is coming from the girl who thinks the aluminum foil hats we make are the sassiest things ever.
Three picture messages to three friends much more fashionable than I... and she was right. It’s so cool having a daughter.

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