Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's been a busy few days...

 We started early in our jammies...

We got dressed and made our way up to the Library of Congress and were only "shushed" once. She ran around the square, we read books, and made friends.

And then we got tired at the LoC and decided to sit a while. Eileen was looking for the chicken and ran around saying, "BAH BAHHHHH"

And, now she started thinking about rallying... and then the rain set in. Cold walk home.

The next day, we went to the Capitol.

And Eileen wanted a picnic.

But, apparently there had been a shooting at the Pentagon the day before, so the cop behind her suspected terrorist activity.

So, Eileen posed her own personal sit-in.

And won.

Until she got bored and moved on.

The next day... we got our first big-girl car seat. I was totally upsold on the Britax because it would be, "The easiest of all to install." Well, if this one was the easiest, I would hate to see the hardest. Not to be messed with.

But, she looks cute in it, albeit hacked off.

Next, Husband got off of work early and after E's nap (and Husband's), we wanted to show her the rockets.

She was more interested in her dress.

And walking.

A lot of walking.

Not so much on the rockets.

But, she was kinda enthralled with the vibrating floor.

Until she decided it was time to get out.

And then rethought her decision.

But then rethought the rethought.

And this was moments before the FOAF (fit of all fits) that caused the Cagles to leaves

So, we decided to burn off some energy at the Nerd Convention going on this weekend.

And Eileen cooled her jets.

And started to run...

Until she went head first into the gravel... she looks a little sad today.

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