Thursday, September 16, 2010

An update on my journey

I have walked to the Lincoln Memorial.
I have walked to Eastern Market. 
I have walked to Maryland.
I have walked to the post office, to church, to breakfast at Pete’s Diner, and supper at Sticky Rice. 
I have walked everywhere I can think to walk.
And I love it.
I have blisters and take a lot of Advil, but I love it.
My journey of 1,000 miles if steadily clicking down. Since inception about a month ago, my feet have cleared over 150 miles. That's farther than driving from Augusta to Atlanta... or Washington DC to Richmond VA. It's like landing in Miami and deciding to walk to Key West. Some days, you would probably get there faster by foot instead of in your car...

While it averages to about 5 miles a day, I am only walking 5 days a week, sometimes 6. For instance, yesterday when I walked to Maryland from Virginia, it was only 7 miles. But that evening I walked to a friends birthday celebration and was an additional 3 miles round trip. Today, another MOM and I convened our strollers on the mall and knocked out 6 miles. Tomorrow I have aspirations of doing 6 miles in the morning and an additional 3 in the evening... we shall see though, Husband will be post-call tomorrow and that means that the Cagles girls need to get out of the house so he can catch some very much needed zzzz’s. Either way, 1,000 miles you are a challenge, but I am enjoying your company.
We will have to find a walking partner when we head home next week for a week, as I do not want to lose my momentum! Faris, are you up for it?

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