Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I've been hot.

have been hot. Not like Liz Beman, rocking hard body, hot... I mean like, Sweatin to the Oldies Hot. 

It is hot here. People do not use their air conditioner. Way back in the day, when we lived in Augusta, our power bill would run in the hundreds, and you could hang meat from the chandelier. Here though, places one would think should not be warm are unpleasantly so. For instance, the sushi restaurant. 

No matter what restaurant we walk into, it is hot. Damn Hot. We sit down and  immediately find ourselves stuck to the chair. Leather, pleather, wood, it does not matter. We knock back wine and water with melted ice... luke warm water has found a refreshing new level of quenching. We leave sweating, grumpy, and hacked that it is hotter inside than outside. This sounds like a complaint, but for Pete's sake, CUT ON YOUR AIR CONDITIONER. The last time we went out, and I mean it... we are eating at home until the weather cools off.... the last time we ate out, the Cagles were dripping and a polite question inquiring about the air conditioner produced this answer, "Yes. It's out. It has been out all week. Our soup of the day is a barley bean with brown rice in chicken broth base." Really? Soup? Looking around, no one seems to notice that pit stains are not in fashion. Two waters please, extra ice.

Even early in the morning, walking places... I sweat. I sweat so much that the other day, I sweated through my entire sports bra and shirt (less the, um, nip... area. Did you know they don't produce sweat? I didn't.)

It's hot. I drink water like it is my job and remind myself how lucky I am that we have air conditioning... and electricity.... unlike the 225,000 OTHER HOMES IN THE DC AREA THAT DO NOT HAVE EITHER.

Let us think for a second about what kind of number 225,000 is. That is more than the entire population of Burke County. I bet they're hot. Actually, no. They're probably sipping luke warm water inside pondering what kind of raw fish they will be eating tonight for supper. Might I recommend the tuna roll? It will taste better coming up.


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