Saturday, August 28, 2010


They came from Ohio.
They came from Georgia. 
They came from Virginia, Arkansas, and Kansas.
They took planes here. Planes, busses, and cars. They came here with a purpose.
They came marching into this marble jungle with their children. With their parents. On their walkers, their canes, their crutches. I found myself both speechless and humbled.
They came here to be heard by sitting peacefully and calmly. Hundreds of thousands of people came today wanting to restore HOPE and faith in our fair country. This place we are privileged and honored to call home. 
Reverently, they came from all over and congregated at the Lincoln Memorial. They stretched from both sides, past the Vietnam Memorial, spilling into the World War II cenotaph. Into the lawn behind the Washington Monument, people sat or stood facing west and waited. At the Washington Monument proper, families stood quietly as the minutes ticked closer to 10am.
With the heat, the traffic, and the masses of people, there was nothing more than electricity and optimism amongst the bugs, sweat, and coffee cups.
Why Al Shapton had to challenge the idea of restoring HOPE or why this event was dubbed a nightmare by cynics on street corners is something beyond my capabilities. 
Let this be a message. Let the silence of the masses be heard. Let the world know that We Need Change.Stand rallied behind the Tea Party, and be ready to press forward in the endeavor of making a difference. Today marks the 47th anniversary of MLKs important statement of having a dream and all men being equal. Let all of man be equal and let everyone know that we will rise above. We will always rise.


Family Snodgrass said...

Woohoo! Glad you were there! I wish I could have made it, but was glad to see the crowds on C-Span.

Nancy B. said...

Wonderful description, wonderful event. So glad you could witness it!