Monday, July 12, 2010

At Least I didn't get a ticket.

So, I have a Georgia tag. I do, I just can't get past it. While waiting on my car title, SS card, and the rites to my first born, I have to drive to places that have parking garages (please, you'd think there would be a LOT here?), or someplace that does not involve (a) parallel parking (b) parking on the street or (c) navigation.

I have had, for the past week, $95 in my bank account. I tell you this, because I feel obligated to preface the story with that information. I also have $3500 in checks desperately waiting to be deposited.

All I needed was a Wachovia.

This little wonderment that we call a drive-thru ATM or drive-thru banking down in Georgia is a thing of my past. Friday, me and the GPS had a date with a Wachovia. Up 2nd street NE, left on K St (NE-- that little token is important), left on 2nd St SE (yeah, they are two blocks apart), Right on Capitol Drive NORTH (heaven forbid, you think it is SOUTH) and between 3rd and 4th was supposed to be a Wachovia. Supposed. Up Capitol North, Down Capitol South, Up 3rd Street, Down 4th Street, round and round and round. You know what I discovered? That wasn't a damn Wachovia.

Today, though. Today, I REALLY needed to deposit said checks as $95 makes me nervous. So, I busted out the GPS in the Tahoe, V. the GPS on my iPhone. 990 Pennsylvania Ave. Right on 4th St NE (as 3rd is a one-way), right on whos-it, left on 2nd st NE (remember that?), left on Pennsylvania, wave to the 7 cops I passed, detour past these THINGS that can randomly pop up out of the street around the Supreme Court that say STOP (ya think? You are a huge metal barrier in neon yellow. What are my other options?)... left on Pennsylvania. And there she was in all her glory. My walk-up Wachovia. And I, in my Tahoe, Georgia tags, cranky baby, and no way to get out my stroller.


Okay, take three. This last one was located at 600 Maryland Ave SW. 

GPS, "When possible, make a legal U-Turn."
Me, "Shit."
GPS, "When possible, make a legal U-Turn."
Me, "How?"
GPS, "Recalculating. When possible, make a legal U-Turn."
Me, "Hmmm.....WHIP"
GPS, " Continue until Maryland Ave and then take slight right."
Me, "Seriously, Ophelia? SERIOUSLY?? Those are my directions? Legal U-Turn and go straight?"

Proceed down Pennsylvania, which turned into Independence (AKA 4th St SE), passing by the Conservatory and then another 8 cops. The streets broke down something like this: I st, then Rhode Island, J st, then North Carolina, K st, then Maryland. MARYLAND! TURN!

GPS, "Your destination is arriving on left. Your route guidance is not complete."
Me, "WAIT! Ophelia, WHERE?!?"

And there she was. Again. My Wachovia. With a walk-up ATM. Damn. Wait, Wait, Wait... there it was. TWO parallel parking spots. One illegal u-turn and I am in my spot without a scratch. One dime buys me 3 minutes. All I need to hustle up to the ATM with baby girl on my hip. One dime in the slot... Out Of Order.

Seriously, banking gods? SERIOUSLY?! Too late. Someone had come in right behind me and taken the parking meter that actually worked.

Thinking I will beg for forgiveness, E and I make a run for the ATM. No envelopes. Whatever, I can use the night envelopes. PIN, deposit, cash back... you have exceeded your maximum withdrawal for the day. HUNH? I have not used my debit card in days (remember, Wachovia, I only have $95.) Inside! Quick! There's another ATM.

No envelopes.

The line. Oh, the line. Curses to the line. The bank manager informed me that if I call the parking department (the number is on the meter) that they will give me the time, but if I don't- then  I am still responsible for the ticket. 

Do I jump out of line and call or stand patiently and wait? 

Stand and wait.

Deposit made. Cash back. On the way to Harry Tweeter for some more grocery shopping.

Back to the car with a gleeful YIPPEE! That, AT LEAST I DID NOT GET A TICKET.

Rachel: 2, DC: 1


Aleasha said...

Holy Cow..... I couldnt survive! I'm so proud of you!!!!

Family Snodgrass said...

This sounds SO familiar! Unfortunately, there's no drive-thru anything in the heart of the city. :( I've resorted to mailing in deposits at times.